What Happens in Vegas Never Stays in Vegas

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I’ve been managing Sean Kennedy @allthesauce and Noah Arin @soundsbynarin since January 2018. They are both producers based out of Las Vegas, NV and had previously been collaborators on several other artist’s projects. In addition, they were also roommates as well as sitting on six completed songs of their own — so they asked me to help develop the strategy and cultivate branding for their release cycle.

Over the ensuing six months, we accomplished a lot. By June, I struck a licensing deal for SOZ’s album artwork with my good friend, Borbay. Proudly, all of the distribution was powered by Stem 🌱.

Signing this deal was an extremely important first step for us. Because of my experience working with Borbay, I know he is a special type of creative- he provides much more than just artwork. He is a genius marketer and an amazing mentor for independent artists. For starters, he helped us land our first ever (self-published 😈) interview.

When in Vegas… ink an album cover deal with that EDM duo called SOZ. Wait, what? That's right… have a look…

Posted by Borbay on Thursday, July 12, 2018

We parlayed this momentum into more releases and additional SoundCloud mixes. Our team slowly fed content to the internet and watched their singles earn more than 100k+ streams across popular streaming platforms 🔥.

As their release cycle unfolded, fans seemed to really engage with their euphoric synths and 808 marching band drums. This would become a signature of their sound, ultimately serving as the creative direction we needed to begin with their real branding. We came up with this sweet concert flyer and more entertaining visuals for their live shows.

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We have an amazing 3-artist line up for our 11/16 show sponsored by PBR and Stoli (Yes, that means Free Booze for those who are 21+). As per usuaul, tickets available for purchase on Airbnb Experiences. SOZ is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They're known for their euphoric sounds, courtesy of their electronic synths and marching band drums. In 2015, under the name "All The Sauce", the duo released their first project, "Go" on SoundCloud. They used this momentum to get in the studio and hone their skills as songwriters/producers for other artist's; they've since earned credits on EKOH's album, "The Detour" (reached #37 on iTunes) as well as Mod Sun's most recent single, "Burning Up". Most recently, SOZ has released four of their own singles– each song has its own dedicated artwork, painted by Borbay as part of his "Mindscape Series"– leading to an upcoming EP release. Brandt Orange is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. He is heavily influenced by anything from alternative R&B to 80s dance crazes, and always puts storytelling at the forefront of his musical prowess. His latest single, “Damn Mountains,” was released in September of this year, and is the second single off his upcoming, self-produced EP that’s planned for early 2019. Chantz Simpson is a 22-year-old artist based out of Los Angeles California. Influenced by artists like Andre 3000 and Tu-Pac, Chantz tries to create original hip hop/rap music.

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With the first release cycle behind us, SOZ now has a solid base of monthly listeners and fans. To support continued growth on streaming platforms, SOZ is collaborating with other artists as producers, SOZ Studios. Most recently, they put out two fresh records with Mod Sun.


Mod Sun literally lit himself on fire in the music video. Watch here…