What Happens in Vegas Never Stays in Vegas

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I’ve been managing Sean Kennedy @allthesauce and Noah Arin @soundsbynarin since January 2018. They are both producers based out of Las Vegas, NV and had previously been collaborators on several other artist’s projects. In addition, they were also roommates as well as sitting on six completed songs of their own — so they asked me to help develop the strategy and cultivate branding for their release cycle. Read more

Aaaannnd, Down The Stretch They Come!

BELMONT, NY – JUNE 09: – Justify #1 with Mike Smith wins the 150th Belmont Stakes, becoming the 13 Triple Crown champion at Belmont Park on June 09, 2018 in Elmont, New York. (Photo by Alex Evers/Eclipse Sportswire/Getty Images)


Over my summer break I was in Music City, Vegas, NYC, Europe and Montreal. It was a productive and diverse four months – I had time to invest in some personal career development by attending conferences and seminars in the weeks before and after my full-time nine-week summer internship with Round Hill Music.  As well, I was able to continue to advance my collegiate marketing initiative with Stem, balancing it all with some amazing summer travel with friends and family. It was such a memorable summer and I’m happy to finally be able to post this recap now that I’m back on campus to complete my senior year.

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EXCLUSIVE: Unreleased Artist Pitches for Tory Lanez, Gallant, X Ambassadors, more

Justin Oringer Artist Consulting Campaign

While at USC, I was part of a small, by-application-only, experimental class co-led by the Head of the Music Industry and the Head of Digital at the management firm Friends At Work. On a weekly basis, we met with various artist managers who were knee-deep in guiding their artists’ next endeavors. It was our job to soak up any information the manager could provide, and then pitch them our ideas within the week. The following decks are the product of the great teamwork of my consulting groups, most of which delve into the promotional possibilities for artists relating to touring, releasing, and brand partnerships. Click on their name for a PDF of the deck!

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Music and Hockey

Justin at 2013 Maccabiah Games

Coming back to SC after 2016 Christmas break, one of the greatest things I’ve done for myself is to get back on the ice, playing in a men’s ice hockey league once a week on Thursday nights.

Getting out on the ice and lacing ‘em up with the boys has brought back many memories given that I played ice hockey for 17 years as a kid growing up in Montreal, Quebec.

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Ruling the RÜST

RUST on Stage in Las Vegas

I met Jack Koplin (pictured above on the left) my freshman year of college through my fraternity and USC’s Music Industry program. Jack began working on his first remix in the spring of 2016. Noah Arin, a talented audio engineer (pictured above on the right), is a student at UNLV – we met through a mutual friend named Oscar Chaltiel, who also happens to be member of our AEPi chapter.

This summer, while I was in LA taking extra courses, Noah travelled to campus from Vegas to spend a couple of days hanging out before heading to a music festival with Oscar for the weekend. Like most college kids, we found ourselves sharing music and stories over meals and video games… despite constantly having to clean up after them, I appreciated every minute.

I invited Noah back to LA a week later so he could meet Jack – I knew each of them possessed a unique, complementary skill set. In short order, Jack and Noah formed RÜST, an EDM duo I began working closely with on branding, business development and marketing.

RÜST’s first studio session was held in Jack’s family’s living room above their garage in the Palisades. What’s so unique about this space is that it used to be Stewart Copeland‘s personal studio, the drummer from The Police.

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Justin Oringer - Victor, Idaho

Amongst the music industry community of students at SC, we often talk about the importance of good visuals. In fact, many believe that the most undervalued element to an amazing musical performance are creative graphics. Graphics have the power to convey an immersive experience, incomparable to any other form of media.

So when an older fraternity brother of mine was showing me the digital resume (personal website) he’d designed for himself, I couldn’t help but let my mind drift off to what I had long envisioned for myself. I’ve know for some time that I’ve wanted to have my own online presence in order to present and express myself, but it took my friend’s stimulus to move me to action.

When I started the process of developing what has now become my website, my goal was threefold: to create an online platform through which I could write about my music-focused involvement on campus; share my related experiences in the cities I spend most of my time– LA, Montreal, and NYC; and to use the site as a means of logging my most meaningful activities, sharing stories and personal insights, while also facilitating connections with others within the field of music.

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Studio A(EPi)

Studio AEPi

Having taken courses in audio recording and critical listening during my first semester at SC, I was eager to apply the knowledge I was learning in class. Although I had no formal music training and didin’t play any instruments, I wanted to get more involved with the music making process.

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