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EXCLUSIVE: Unreleased Artist Pitches for Tory Lanez, Gallant, X Ambassadors, more

Justin Oringer Artist Consulting Campaign

While at USC, I was part of a small, by-application-only, experimental class co-led by the Head of the Music Industry and the Head of Digital at the management firm Friends At Work. On a weekly basis, we met with various artist managers who were knee-deep in guiding their artists’ next endeavors. It was our job to soak up any information the manager could provide, and then pitch them our ideas within the week. The following decks are the product of the great teamwork of my consulting groups, most of which delve into the promotional possibilities for artists relating to touring, releasing, and brand partnerships. Click on their name for a PDF of the deck!

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Justin Oringer - Victor, Idaho

Amongst the music industry community of students at SC, we often talk about the importance of good visuals. In fact, many believe that the most undervalued element to an amazing musical performance are creative graphics. Graphics have the power to convey an immersive experience, incomparable to any other form of media.

So when an older fraternity brother of mine was showing me the digital resume (personal website) he’d designed for himself, I couldn’t help but let my mind drift off to what I had long envisioned for myself. I’ve know for some time that I’ve wanted to have my own online presence in order to present and express myself, but it took my friend’s stimulus to move me to action.

When I started the process of developing what has now become my website, my goal was threefold: to create an online platform through which I could write about my music-focused involvement on campus; share my related experiences in the cities I spend most of my time– LA, Montreal, and NYC; and to use the site as a means of logging my most meaningful activities, sharing stories and personal insights, while also facilitating connections with others within the field of music.

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